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A journey to remember at Tallinn Music Week

Studios, innovation, connections & music in Estonia’s snow-covered capital

Bandbeat blog post on the visit to Tallinn for Tallinn Music Week and studios

96 hours in Tallinn, Estonia, felt like a magical whirlwind and brought us closer to the heart of music innovation. As we wandered through the picturesque streets of Vanalinn, the melodies of Tallinn Music Week (TMW) echoed all around, setting the perfect backdrop for our journey of connection and discovery.

Around Tallinn

Navigating the snowy streets of Tallinn, we clocked in 65.3 kilometers on foot over four days. Yes, we braved the cold and endured the miles, but it was all worth it for the incredible experiences and connections we made at the studios we met and the TMW festival.

Also, we need to admit it. We really relished the food and the beer 😁!

Bandbeat at Tallinn Music Week

TMW is not just a conference; it’s a celebration of music, creativity, and innovation. The showcase gigs were electrifying (hope you didn’t miss our stories), featuring a diverse array of artists who reminded us why we love this industry. But the real magic, as always, happens off-stage.

And off-stage, it was something bigger than a conference. It was a gathering of like-minded people from all across Europe and beyond. Artists and managers, directors and business executives, entrepreneurs and startups like us, pure music lovers ignoring their professional labels. Between panels and discussions spanning from AI in music to legal claims and stress management, we found inspiration and forged meaningful connections.

What truly stood out beyond the numbers and meetings was the human touch. We were welcomed with warmth by people who filled every single conversation with laughter, insightful thoughts and interesting stories. A heartfelt exchange of ideas that left an indelible mark on us. These moments of connection are what we value the most, as they resonate deeply with our mission at Bandbeat.

Studio moments

Every studio we visited had its own unique vibe and character. From cozy, intimate spaces to high-tech recording hubs, we met passionate people dedicated to their craft. Each meeting was an opportunity to exchange more than just business cards. We shared our stories. The dreams we followed that led us sitting together behind a mixing desk, discussing on Bandbeat’s pros and the future of music. For sure we made partners, but we definitely feel we also made new friends. Cheers to you mates 🍺!

One of the highlights was the spontaneous jam sessions. Picture this: we’re in a studio discussing on the pros of Bandbeat, instruments scattered around, and a few moments later, suddenly, music just happens. It’s these unplanned moments that capture the essence of what we do at Bandbeat. We’re not just about bookings; we’re about bringing people together through music.

At the end of each day, despite the weariness, we fell asleep with big smiles on our faces. Connecting with people who share common dreams and struggles reaffirmed that music has no borders. It unites us all, transcending language and geography, and fuels our passion for what we do.

Moving Forward

We’re thrilled to announce that most studios we connected with in Tallinn are now part of the Bandbeat family. Their profiles are increasingly activated and available in our platform, ready for you to explore and book. And this is just the beginning. We’re expanding our reach and will soon be onboarding studios from more EU countries. So, stay literally- tuned!

Coming back from Tallinn, we took with us not just new partnerships, but a deeper understanding of the power of music to connect, inspire, and transform society. The connections made and the stories shared during our trip have enriched us both personally and professionally.

Here’s to the connections made, the songs shared, and the melodies yet to be written. Until next time, Tallinn! 🎶

More updates and stories from Bandbeat’s journey in the music world are just around the corner! Thank you to everyone who made our experience in Tallinn unforgettable. 

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